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Meet Hannah.

Reclaiming a career.
athlete working out with ropes

Meet Hannah.

After multiple fractures and injuries.

After graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder and pursuing a degree in recreation, Hannah was doing it all: biking, climbing, hiking, and guiding her clients on outdoor adventures all over the state proved to be her passion. Her career was flourishing.

That is, until she had a biking accident that put her in the hospital for two weeks.

The accident caused multiple fractures and injuries, and Hannah was no longer able to move with the confidence and ease that she used to. The career she had worked so hard to build looked like it was about to be taken away from her.

As soon as she could, she began going to a variety of clinics and doctors to try to get her life and career back.

“She was given the usual pills, back and knee braces, and standard physical therapy exercises, but none of them seemed to do the trick. It seemed to Hannah as if everything increased her pain.”

She said that people were afraid to push her, and she did not know enough to make progress on her own.

Fortunately, she read about Physical Therapy of Boulder from our Google reviews. When she saw what our patients had to say, she decided to give us a try.

Because Hannah had had various forms of unsuccessful standard treatment, we decided to try something different.

Our approach focused on progressive and advanced manual therapy techniques. We also used dry needling, a technique similar to acupuncture. (Acupuncture is mainly used in Eastern medicine to treat internal organs and energy flow; dry needling is used to restore normal muscular function within the muscles being treated.) We used a variety of pain management modalities to determine which ones she responded best to, so she could decrease her pain and fear of movement.

Within a few visits, Hannah was already able to return to biking and hiking with confidence!

Once Hannah was able to start pushing herself, it was time to start conditioning her body through exercise to return to its normal functioning. Our Pilates instructor, who is also a physical therapist assistant, took over some of Hannah’s exercise and rehabilitation. We also implemented a new technology approach that involves low-load Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) therapy, in which a cuff is placed over the area to help work muscles more while using less weight, preventing strain on the cuffed area.

With the combined types of therapy (hands-on therapy, Pilates, and specialized exercises), Hanna was back at her job in less than two months!

In Hannah’s words: “I was so grateful to have different options with PTOB 
and enjoyed the team approach. I am thankful to have my life back again.”